Experience weeklong
weekend living.


4Amcalendar 03

Stay in shape at the MiraBay Club’s onsite
gym and aerobics studio, then relax at the spa.

6Amcalendar 03

Cycle through the community and enjoy the lovely views.

8Amcalendar 03

Paddle through lagoons and waterways. On the house.

10Amcalendar 03

Splash, slide or swim laps at the MiraBay Club’s resort-style pool.

12Pmcalendar 03

Have a good time afloat, and take full advantage of living in a waterfront community.

2Pmcalendar 03

Gather with friends at the MiraBay Club and take in a breathtaking Florida sunset.

4Pmcalendar 03

Cast a line or two along the peaceful waterfront any time of day.

6Pmcalendar 03

Make it an evening of school tales, office stories and grilling on the patio.

8Pmcalendar 03

Clear out that spacious living room for some intense competition.

9Pmcalendar 03

Gather the pack and melt some sugary goodness under the night sky.

11Pmcalendar 03

Prop up your telescope, and get ready for nature’s best light show.

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